The Wildberry Farm


tobacco barn On September 7th, 1844 William Atkinson purchased 200 acres situated on the side of the Run of the Little Reedy Creek. This land was originally granted to James Godbold consisting of 730 acres May 7th 1788 from the King of England and is currently known as Wildberry Farm. The farm remained in the Atkinson family until 1998 when Starr Deleon Coleman and wife Ruth Atkinson Coleman’s descendants sold the property in search of a simpler city life.

The farm was used to grow crops such as corn, cotton, vegetables and tobacco as well as raise a variety of livestock. The family lived off of the land and the crops and the livestock were used to nourish and enrich the family while providing for their income by sharing and selling throughout the local community.

Wildberry Farm is dedicated to restoring the past feeling of the farm and presenting a picture of a time when life was much simpler.